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Log Styles and Corner Options

We offer many log sizes and profiles to choose from in both full log and half log. Several log corner options are also available. Butt and pass, partial cope and saddle notch corners are offered in both half log and full log options.

Half Log Styles and Sizes

Rustic-Hewn: A machine assisted finish that provides a hand peeled appearance without a machined look.

Hand Peeled: Our craftsmen use traditional drawknives for the look and feel of authenticity.

Log Sizes: We offer kiln-dried true half log siding in a variety of sizes and in your choice of rustic-hewn or hand peeled styles. Our standard stack heights are 7", 8",10" and 12”. Custom log sizes are available. Each piece of rustic half log siding is cut from a full log at the mill. We do not use cants, which are square beams forced through a shaper to achieve a machined round log.  Our logs maintain the character, integrity and natural appearance of the wood. When used in combination with conventional construction, the result is a traditional full-log home look at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that our rustic peels are also available on our full logs.


Design Flexibility

Half log siding combined with conventional construction, allow any design style to become a log cabin or log home. The design possibilities are endless on the exterior as well as the interior so we can build you the log home of your dreams. Our rustic half log coupled up with one of the full log corners will make your log home second to none.

Using log siding in construction also offers interior design and decorating flexibility. Finish every wall with interior half log for a complete log look or use the logs to accent a wall or two in one room. Interior log, drywall and knotty pine tongue and groove all look great together. You let us know how you want your interior walls and that is how we’ll build it for you.

Another advantage of using conventional construction with half log siding you don' t have to worry about the logs settling.


Energy Efficiency

Half log siding enhances the efficiency of todays construction methods. With four to six inch thick siding being installed over a conventionally framed shell, it creates a weather tight barrier between your living area and the wind, rain, cold, heat and other elements.

With half log siding added to the exterior of your home the R-value will increase. Energy costs aren’t going down so combining exterior log siding with the corresponding interior log walls will give you a home that is very economical to heat and cool.

Kiln-dried half log is a natural finish for your home or cabin. It provides the look and feel of full log construction with greater design flexibility.

Hand Peeled Log Siding
8" hand peeled half log siding with butt and pass corners shown in above photo


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